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    The next step for most people with green cards is to apply for immigration citizenship. This can be hard for people to do on their own. Immigration lawyers use their experience and knowledge on the subject to assist applicants in obtaining their permanent citizenship. Below are some ways on how an immigration lawyer can help.

    Best Immigration Lawyer can prepare and Process Applications for Citizenship Colavecchio Law

    Immigration Lawyer can prepare and Process Applications for Citizenship

    The documents needed for filing petitions with the USCIS can be confusing to a normal person, but it is one of the vital processes in obtaining immigration citizenship. An immigration lawyer will use one’s expertise and experience to prepare the documents to present the strongest case for the applicant.

    The immigration lawyer will also guide the applicant to on the documentation needed to support the application for permanent citizenship. Documents include sample letters, questionnaires and declarations, to name a few.

    The immigration lawyer will also prepare the cover letter for the application that will focus on the applicant’s profession and achievements in order to convince the USCIS of the one’s qualification.

    The immigration lawyer will also present the documents to make it easier for the USCIS to review and possibly approve the case.

    Immigration Lawyers can Help Prepare for USCIS Interview for Permanent Citizenship

    Immigration processes require a personal interview with the USCIS. An immigration lawyer can help prepare the applicant for a successful interview. The layer will also walk the applicant through the details of the immigrant citizenship interview.

    When going to an interview, here are some tips from an immigration lawyer. The applicant must be able to answer personal questions. The person must also be able to follow the directions of the officer of the USCIS. Answer only the questions that the officer asks and nothing more. The applicant must be dressed properly for the interview. And above all, don’t be late for the interview.

    Immigration Lawyer Help Resolve Citizenship Issues

    An immigration lawyer can work with different government agencies in order to work out the immigration citizenship issues of the applicant. The lawyer can explain the various immigration laws and policies pertaining to the applicant’s case. The attorney will present the arguments to benefit the client.

    If the previous application for permanent citizenship has been denied, an immigration lawyer can help determine the seriousness of the problem and determine whether it can be resolved. Attempting to do the process on your own can lead to devastating results.

    Government agencies sometimes provide legal advice with regards to immigrant citizenship but keep in mind that they have no liability for the data they give out. Individual cases also differ and government agencies don’t have the resources to assess all the cases and give tips on how to continue.

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