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    Obtaining Green Cards is a complex process. The steps depend on whether the applicant is already in the United States or outside the country. There are several categories of Green Card applications.

    Green Cards are given to people who have been granted legal authorization to live and work in the US on a permanent basis. Green Card is not actually green. It is the common name of a permanent resident card, which is the proof of the immigration status.

    There are several ways to become a permanent resident in the United States. The most common one is being sponsored by a family member or employer in the US. Humanitarian programs can also be a way to obtain your Green Card in Nashville.

    Applying to Green Cards can be intimidating, especially if there is no one to help you with the process. A Green Card Nashville lawyer can increase your chances of success of obtaining a permanent residency status.

    An immigration lawyer can help determine whether the person is qualified for a Green Card or not. One will determine whether the applicant is eligible for one of the immigrant categories as stated in the Immigration and Nationality Act. The lawyer will look at the immigrant petition and go through all the process until the Green Card is obtained.

    An immigration lawyer can also help with the last steps on how to obtain your Green Card in Nashville. The applicant will be given notice to appear at the Application Support Center where the person will have one’s fingerprint, photo, and signature taken. The biometrics will be used to do a background check on the person as well as to process Green Cards.

    There are some cases when the USCIS will call the applicant for an interview. If this happens to you, the immigration lawyer can help prepare for it. There are instances when a family member who filed the petition will also be asked to come to the interview. The immigration lawyer will also prepare the required documents for the interview such as passports and travel documents.

    The final step to getting Green Cards is to wait for the USCIS’ decision. If the application is denied, the immigration lawyer can file an appeal on your behalf. When the application is accepted, you will get instructions on where to bet the Green Card as well as information on when it has to be renewed.

    An immigration lawyer knows everything about immigration law and can help determine the right path towards Green Cards. The lawyers of our firm can help handle immigration cases with regards to visa petitions for individuals and employers. They provide legal support throughout the process to help you obtain your Green Card in Nashville.

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