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  • What is a H-1B Visa?
    What is a H-1B Visa?

    What is a H-1B Visa?

    What is a H-1B Visa?

    The H-1B Visa is a United States work visa for foreign professional workers who meet special qualifications. The H-1B Visa is a non-immigrant work visa under the Immigration and Nationality Act. It authorizes companies to seek out temporary help for specialty occupations from foreign countries. To get approved for this visa, one must have completed a bachelor’s degree or some equivalent. Examples of fields for the specialty occupation include mathematics, science, medicine, law, and education.

    Once approved for the H-1B Visa, a person is allowed to stay within the United States for three to six years, as well as bringing their spouse and/or kids to live with them in the United States. Full time or part time workers are both accepted for the H-1B Visa. After leaving the United States, a person is allowed to safely return for business or pleasure.

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    Benefits of Hiring a law firm

    Do I need an Attorney to file an application

    The application process for a H-1B Visa is extremely complication; therefore, it is best to seek out the assistance of a Nashville H-1B Visa lawyer to aid with the application process. The Department of Labor is required to certify the labor condition application, which is something that requires the employer to meet certain requirements, such as providing the appropriate wages. For the Tennessee H-1B Visa, it is also important to include the letter of support that is authorized by the petitioning employer. An expert H-1B Visa is helpful for making this letter convincing.
    Hundreds of thousands of people apply for an H-1B Visa each year, but only 65,000 are authorized, and 6,800 are set aside for citizens of Singapore and Chile. Acquiring a Nashville H-1B Visa legal professional will greatly increase your chance of being accepted.

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    If you are a foreign citizen who is applying for a H-1B Visa, or you are an employer who is seeking one for a potential employee, then you should consult with a Nashville work visa attorney at law. At the Nashville immigration law firm of Colavecchio & Colavecchio, we have successfully aiding our clients with properly obtaining a H-1B Visa. Call the Colavecchio & Colavecchio Law Firm today at 615-242-3333 to set up a consultation with a Tennessee H-1B lawyer to begin the application process for a H-1B Visa.

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