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  • Do you need a Lawyer in Nashville?
    Do you need a Lawyer in Nashville?

    Do you need a Lawyer in Nashville?

    What to Consider When Hiring an Attorney

    It goes without saying that few situations involving the hiring of an attorney are entirely positive. Even those that lead to potentially viable outcomes, such as the hiring of legal assistance during the immigration process, specifically involve a lot of legal wrangling and bureaucratic red tape. The services of the right expert legal counsel are necessary simply to understand the next step that you’re going to take – it’s a hassle that most people cannot fully comprehend on their own, not without specialized training and years of related experience.

    So, what should you be taking into consideration when you find yourself in need of an attorney? Here are a few small details regarding the legal help you might need if you find yourself charged with a crime – along with that which is important for immigration. These are the two aspects of US law in which Colavecchio & Colavecchio specialize most heavily.

    Benefits of Hiring a law firm

    Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

    A criminal charge is a serious allegation. It’s something that you need to deal with quickly and efficiently. Felony convictions carry severe penalties, with mandatory minimum sentences and a life-long black mark on your permanent record. A felony conviction will negate the government’s protection of many of your legal rights.

    When you’re looking to hire a defense attorney, it is important to take several factors into account. These include, but are not entirely limited to the following.

    • You want someone with the expertise born of experience. When in doubt, it’s always best to opt for experience. It’s not the be-all, end-all of qualifications, but it’s an important and increasingly underrated factor. Movies and television shows love to tout the go-get-em attitude of young, largely untested attorneys who are put to the flames of perdition over the course of their first major case. In fact, that’s not usually how the law works. Attorneys learn through roles of steadily increasing responsibility, over the course of their education and through their first few years of practice. Upon entering a firm, a lawyer takes on roles of gradually escalating responsibility there as well. You need an attorney who knows what they’re doing, due to having faced a case like yours from the vantage point of a variety of roles in the past.
    • You want someone with the RIGHT experience. Criminal defense law varies significantly depending upon the crime of which the defendant is accused. Different offenses are governed by different legal standards, face different levels of inherent bias in the general population, and have different precedents to deal with. A standard that might work for getting a domestic violence charge from a former spouse dismissed is unlikely to apply in the event of a child endangerment charge, despite both being covered by a closely related group of laws. You want an experienced lawyer who knows the subject at hand and who has successfully cleared clients of similar charges in the past.

    Hiring the Right Immigration Lawyer

    Immigration law is a complicated and ever-changing area of US law. State by state, immigration law can vary considerably, and there is an additional level of complexity at the federal level. If you are currently navigating through the complex problem of immigrating to the United States, you need an immigration attorney who understands the complexities of the field – and who is familiar with the nuances of Tennessee law, as they relate to immigration.

    • You need legal assistance at every step. The legal team that is pursuing your case needs to be able to provide answers to your questions at every point in the process. Misfiled or improperly filed paperwork, missed deadlines, and a variety of other potential mistakes – all of which are completely understandable under the purview of being human – can result in long delays and complicated explanations. The immigration process in the US is not a particularly forgiving aspect of our laws. An experienced immigration attorney can help you navigate it more effectively and efficiently, minimizing the time it will take to advance your progress and to achieve each step along the way. The presence of expert legal counsel is also useful in a more passive medium, as it encourages the immigration department to take your case seriously and move it along; intended immigrants who don’t receive solid legal aid can often find themselves stagnating, intentionally or otherwise.
    • You need personalized, responsive assistance. There are many ways in which an individual born outside of the United States can find work, attend school, achieve residency, and become permanent US citizens. There are a variety of ways in which such status can be qualified for. These include marriage to a US citizen, as well as coming to the United States in order to fill a venue of employment for which you are legally qualified. There are different ways in which these and other avenues of entry to the United States may be achieved. A good immigration attorney will offer sound legal advice which is pertinent to your specific situation, without bogging you down with complicated details which are only relevant to cases that don’t concern you. They will help you to pinpoint the best way of securing legal status within this country, by providing exactly the sort of help that you need – where and when you need it. In short, they simplify the process for you, instead of making it more complicated by throwing a lot of information your way that you don’t have to worry about.

    Colavecchio & Colavecchio offer Wide Ranging Expertise

    At Colavecchio & Colavecchio we offer a compassionate, family-owned and operated practice, where our expert legal team treats our clients as more than just numbers. You’re part of our extended family, and we’ll do whatever we can to help ease you through a difficult and complicated period in your life – one that, after more than twenty years of professional experience, we’ve come to understand as well as anyone.

    Michael Colavecchio is a Tennessee-educated lawyer with his Juris Doctor from the Nashville School of Law; he understands the way the state court system works in Tennessee. He can expedite court proceedings, and get in touch with the right legal experts to mount a strong defense. Christopher Colavecchio is a Nashville native, with a similar understanding of how the local system works. An expert in immigration law, he can help you expedite your proceedings as well, and get you on the fast track to settling into your new home.

    Whatever your legal needs, you shouldn’t delay them any more than is absolutely necessary. For additional information, please call 615-242-3333 today, and speak to a member of our staff. Or, click here to fill out a convenient contact form on our website.

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