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    Have you been charged with a DUI or similar crime in Tennessee? You owe it to yourself to secure the services of a reliable, compassionate Nashville DUI legal team – one that will treat you like more than just a number. Colavecchio & Colavecchio will have your back throughout the entire process. With such serious allegations, you can’t afford not to hire the best lawyer available: our firm has been achieving real results for our clients for more than twenty years.

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    DUI Law in Tennessee

    Tennessee law cracks down hard on DUI charges. Penalties differ depending upon how many DUI convictions, if any, you’ve had before. In Tennessee, “before” legally constitutes the last ten years prior to the alleged incident for which you are being charged. This is known as the “lookback period,” and Tennessee’s is one of the longest in the United States.

    • If you’re looking at a first conviction, you face a minimum of 2 days in jail, but potential jail time of up to 11 months. There are mandatory fines, ranging from $350 to $1500 depending upon the severity of your offense. You lose your license for 1 year, and are subsequently required to drive with an ignition interlock device, which you’ve got to pay for. Installation can be up to $100, with the monthly lease on the device often falling between $50 and $100.
    • On a second or third conviction, things begin to escalate. Mandatory jail periods increase to 45 days, and then to 120 days, with the maximum being one year at this point. Potential fines range from a $600 minimum after your second conviction, to a $10,000 maximum after your third, and you face a suspended license for up to ten years.
    • On a fourth conviction, you face a minimum of 150 days in jail, with a maximum term of up to 6 years. Fines range from $3000 to $15000, and the duration of your suspended license is for a minimum of 5 years – but potentially indefinitely. The court is likely to impose severe conditions as being attached to its reinstatement. Even if it is reinstated, you still have the ignition interlock device to contend with.

    Click here to learn about Tennessee’s Implied Consent Law. You can still be charged, subjected to a fine, and face a suspended license, even if you decline to take a sobriety test.
    With Colavecchio & Colavecchio, you’ll have the services of a family-owned law firm, including a DUI attorney with a specialization in criminal defense. Attorney Michael Colavecchio was educated in Tennessee, with a Bachelor’s from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and a Juris Doctor from the Nashville School of Law. Attorney Christopher Colavecchio is himself a native of Nashville. Together, they offer decades of experience with many aspects of Tennessee state law.

    Defending Against a DUI in Nashville, TN

    There are a variety of defenses against a DUI charge, which an experienced DUI attorney can assist you in navigating. With the police across the country making any one of hundreds of possible errors on a regular basis, these are likely to be critical to the mounting of your defense.

    • Was there probable cause? Did the arresting office have probable cause – and what was their initial reason for pulling you over? If you were not driving erratically, if a test was administered improperly, or if you did nothing to provoke suspicion of a DUI, these are all factors which can
    • Was there a field sobriety test? The lack of a field sobriety test can profoundly affect the outcome of your trial, including what would otherwise be minimum sentences in certain areas. The best DUI attorney can help walk you through this, explaining what your options are, and directing you to the best one for making a successful case.
    • How was the blood test administered at the police station? Mishandling of evidence is extremely common. It would be wrong to allow evidence into trial when that evidence has been improperly labeled, transported, or otherwise mishandled. This raises the possibility of contamination, which can easily affect the results of any chemical test.
    • Are there inconsistencies? Following a criminal complaint, does the resulting police report match the details of the complaint, or are there any inconsistencies? If there are inconsistencies, someone isn’t telling the truth about what happened – whether intentionally or otherwise. This plays heavily into your favor; if the only accounts of the incident differ, it becomes harder to establish the circumstances beyond a reasonable doubt.

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