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    Ways It is Helpful to have an Attorney Attending the USCIS Field Office Interview

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    An important step in the United States immigration and green card application process is an interview at the USCIS Nashville field office. During this interview, important information will be discussed, and having an attorney attending the USCIS field office interview, as well as helping with the preparation of the required documents, such as Form i-485, is highly recommended for several reasons.

    To Help the Applicant Answer Questions from the USCIS Officer

    An interviewing office is a daunting place for most green card or adjustment of status applicants. During the interview, the USCIS officer will ask questions to clarify information on the forms that accompany the application. This is where a strong attorney-client relationship is helpful. Immigration lawyers who attend the interviews understand how to answer questions appropriately and what answers the officer is looking for.

    To Provide Clarification and Evidence to Support the Application

    During the interview, the USCIS officer at the USCIS Nashville Field office may ask for clarification of facts on a form. He or she might even make a request for evidence to prove claims made in the documentation. An applicant’s immigration lawyer knows what evidence could successfully support your claims and can help you explain it to the interviewing officer.

    To Intervene if the Interview Stops Going Well

    An USCIS officer may conduct a USCIS Field Office Interview in an intimidating way that makes it hard for the applicant to present his or her case well. Immigration lawyers can read the room, so they can sense if the USCIS officer might be heading toward denying an application. It is wise to create an attorney-client relationship that is strong well before the interview so that the attorney can understand your case fully and jump in with information that could get the interview back on track.

    Whether you are applying for permanent residence in the United States as an individual or your application is family- or marriage-based, a strong and trusting relationship with an attorney who can attend the USCIS Field Office Interview is highly recommended.

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